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Functional architecture
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Functional Architecture and Activity model of Systems

Service based functional analysis

Your requirements

  • Perform a functional analysis of a domain
  • Distinguish between functions and functional blocs
  • Display the functional exchanges between functional blocs
  • Display how functional blocs are organized and their respective relations
  • Display the relation between the functional blocs and the applications
  • Display graphically the functional view of your system

Your problems

  • The current solutions you use are not satisfactory
  • You do not benefit a quality graphical display
  • Your tools are far from automatic...


With Amarco tools you can perform high end functional analysis. The functional architecture may contain:

  • functional blocs
  • functions
  • exchange points for functions
  • functional processes
  • a high quality automatic drawing leaves you time to concentrate on the contents of your analysis. Amarco will produce automatically a professional grade diagram.

Exclusive graphical management algorithms insure a professional quality for these automatically produced diagrams.

Entities (data blocs, messages) associated with systems and information flows

This diagram displays the entities (the data blocs) associates with the systems and the information flow.

Amarco can also display automatically the functions associates with the systems.

Functions associated with systems

The yellow elements display the functions associated with the systems. The diagrams is produced automatically by Amarco software using database information.

Amarco can also produce a linked set of Web diagrams taking into account the functional view of your system. This enabled as drill-down, drill-up navigation inside the functional structure of your system. You find here an example of this type of navigation.

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