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Tools for Amarco

We have independently developed  IT tools for Amarco. The Amarco concepts were published some years ago (1995...) in a research  paper.

The method of using the tools is as follows:

  • Design graphically your system and interfaces

  • Store this information in a database

  • Reuse these definitions in other designs

  • Draw automatically Microsoft Visio diagrams using data in the database

  • Export diagrams as a self contained web with drill-up, drill-down capability and information pages linked to diagram pages

The automatic drawing generates high quality professional diagrams (you may see applications examples).

The export function generated automatically high quality web pages, with great graphical content and integrated intuitive navigation (drill-down, drill-up).

This page presents more information about Amarco Tools.

You find here an Amarco Webcast  performed for Microsoft. This presents live the Amarco software as it can work on your computer.


Amarco uses Microsoft Visio to generate diagrams. The database used is Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server.

At this time, the Amarco tools work in the following environment: Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Visio 2003, Sql server 2000.