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Display and compare multiple versions of your system

Show graphically the version changes in systems and interfaces

Your requirements

  • Display at once the versions of systems and interfaces
  • Create new diagrams with updated information

Your problems

Today you draw this diagrams manually with Visio or other tools. Many errors, no updates...

Our solution

Amarco can draw automatically your system architecture and highlight the changes of versions for interfaces and systems.
This diagrams shows the initial state. All components and interfaces are in version 1. System - initial version (V1)
The version evolution in this case means an element and an interface were deleted. You can see the changes at a glance. System and interface version change
A more complex update means version changes for multiple interfaces and systems. The version changes are highlighted automatically. Display system and interface version change


If this kind of presentation interests you, please see here you can have it applied to your own systems