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Amarco case study: An Enterprise-Wide Information System

Purpose of this case study Demonstrate how Amarco gets the global view of a complex existing information system
Demonstrate the expression power of the Amarco's concepts and tools in presenting the information. This presentation helps understand and specify the change requirements.

A one billion $ Company, a France Telecom subsidiary, needed a better global view of its whole information system, that spans various technologies (IBM, UNIX and others). We choose to integrate in this global view all the information exchanges, computerized or not.


External architecture


The external architecture puts boundaries around the system. So we could better see what was outside, and which were the services that the Information system exchanged with the external partners.

Information system - External Architecture

Internal architecture - first view


The internal architecture shows the components, as they are seen today (quite a challenge for Amarco Cartography!). The service points seen from the exterior are now mapped on internal objects.

Information system  - Internal architecture (raw)

Object isolation


We can display only the connections relative to an object. It is clear what service points (interfaces) are to be respected if we proceed to a replacement (technology change, for example).

Relationships of an object

System reorganization


To help understand the system, we reorganized it (virtually). This was done by assembling some of the contained objects in higher objects. The picture is more simple, that is, easier to understand. There is no real intervention on the system itself.

Information system  - New internal architecture

Technology view


The system may be represented also by taking into account the various information technologies that are present in its structure. The service points are scattered on various technology -oriented infrastructures. Thus we can see the various exchanges that take place between technology environments. A more detailed view may show the effective communication links, with service points like TCP/IP, X25, SNA etc.

Technology view

New object- external architecture


If we take into account one of the new objects, we can present its external architecture, with all its neighbors.

New componenent - External Architecture

New object- internal architecture


This object can now be displayed with the component parts that were chosen to be assembled.

New component - Internal Architecture