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Financial simulator

Using the Amarco architecture concepts and leveraging our financial activity (design & implement indices and equities derivatives pricers, fund management software...), we designed and developed a financial simulator.  It implements some exclusive graphics features helping compare historical data for various financial assets. It helps evaluate momentum strategies. It also optimizes momentum strategy parameters, by using parallel processing with all available processors. 

Sysfin also implements some of the features described in the reference book “The new trading for a living" by Dr Alexander ELDER. Historical data feed are provided through Euronext and EOD Data (web services).Using a local Sql Server database, historical data is available for quick analyses. Sysfin was developed using Visual Studio 2013, C#, Microsoft Sql Server 2012. This software developed may be loaded with various financial instruments (securities US, Europe, trackers, indexes…). If interested, please contact us.

Sysfin screen shots

Trackers list

 Trackers list in Sysfin 

Graphical comparison of various instruments (absolute)

 Comparison of financial instruments (absolute)

Graphical comparison of various instruments (relative) with a variable reference point

 Comparispon of financial instruments (with reference points)

Simultaneous display of historical data in multiple time scales

Multiple time scales

Momentum strategy computing

Momentum strategy computing

Momentum strategy optimization

Momentum strategy optimization with Sysfin

CPU usage - parallel processing on all available processors
Financial simulation - parallel processing