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Amarco case study: Call center for Avis - South Africa

Some time ago we were contacted by Avis- South Africa. They were interested by the results presented on our Web. The topic was to set-up "front-ends" for various databases. This task belonged to a more general BPR goal.

The short analysis we produced stressed the design phase, when the requirements are to be clearly defined. To help fulfill this phase, we set up a typical though hypothetical architecture, showing  the relations between the call center

 Avis Call Center - South Africa

This picture depicts the relations between the Call Center and the other entities (companies, etc...). This analysis helps explore the whole area of services that are to be accounted for when defining the architecture.

The next stages in the study were to to analyze the internal architecture and to map processes on the architecture elements.

This way we were able to show dynamically the behavior of this system to take into account a customer request.