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Amarco Pricer - How to start and use in your trading room

Your requirements

  • You use now pricers in Excel (Vba, forms, Dotnet). You are required to change the technology, the pricers architecture to answer new challenges
  • You must integrate new quants libraries
  • You need fine tune between pricing requirements, data feeds and user interfaces
  • You may have various requirements for user display
  • You are required to set up different pricers that share a common pattern
  • Also... you are required to document your tools, for auditing purposes, or for know-how transfer...
  • ...

Your problems

You realize that the answer to these requirements are labor intensive, ...take time... require a framework to experiment and fine tune...Your specialists are not enthusiasts for documenting...

Our solution

Amarco pricer let you setup the most appropriate environement that gives the best performance for your libraries and data feeds. For example, you can fine tune the number of pricing threads to take into accound different computing requirements for financial instruments. Also you can change the web services acces mode for best performance according to the type of instruments processed.

Amarco pricer is accompanied by a set of architecture and process documentation that make it a first. This insures quick comprehension and customization. We developed special tools that bring a new dynamic dimension  to process analysis for trading room environment and tools. You may see here an example of a process of Amarco pricer, as displayed in motion with one of our tools.

All user interfaces  for Amarco pricer (Silverlight, Excel, Windows forms, WPF) use the same multithreaded management core (95% common code).

We integrate in Amarco framework your various libraries and take into account your presentation requirements.

From the start we target a portable solution, able to use various user presentations (WinForms, Excel, Wpf, Silverlight). Amarco pricer takes into account the difficult task to manage asynchronous sources and user display. 

Contact us to set up in your trading room a performant, reliable and user friendly solution for your pricers!