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The best way to get acquainted with Amarco, its capabilities and tools, is to take a look at some case studies.

Introduction of an ERP

A case study that shows how Amarco prepares the introduction of an ERP (SAP...) integrated system in a corporate subsidiary.

Authorization system

It is our recommended starting case study. You will see how the iterations external architecture / internal architecture simplify communication and lead to reusable conceptual objects. The scenarios showed allow full comprehension "how the system" works", the behavior aspects including dynamic presentations of the processes (scenarios). There will be no ambiguity when these requirements will be implemented. This view keeps under control all tentative to bring lower level details in higher level views and discussions.

Business intelligence

A company that has developed proprietary business intelligence tools needs to upgrade them...

Enterprise information system

This is a practical example of a pilot project for a one billion $ company in France. The example shows the clarity of the global view. It is a practical example how to aggregate conceptual objects to improve communication. Their reorganization brings limpidness in how systems communicate with one another and how to understand and proceed to partial replacements.

Banking Management System This is a practical example of Amarco applied to a new information system, using a datawarehouse. This banking management system will supply synthesized information to bank management. The system integrates existent components with new developments and products.
Call center architecture

A test study for an Avis Call center in South Africa

In these cases you can see generally how Amarco is used to analyze systems along the three axes: service, structure, behavior. You can also see how the same system may be seen from various viewpoints, including the technological one. All the viewpoints are intimately correlated through service points.

You find more information about these case studies in our "Documents" section.