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Dynamic network data visualization with Visio

Your requirement

  • You have a complex network. You need show often numerical data related to network diagrams
  • Display graphically data flows attributes
  • Display a layered network documentation

Your problems

You realize that the current available solutions are manual and very labor intensive...


You can define the network and its connections in Amarco. If you have a complex network with a lot of interfaces and components, a diagram with all elements is simply not understandable. We advise to split the global network into regions and sub-regions (a layered network). You can store in a specialized database your hierarchical organization and draw it automatically.

You can also associate traffic information (or other numerical values) to various connections, that Amarco can display automatically in various ways, illustrating the capacity used or remaining.

Network data visualization with Visio and Amarco

 Based on imported data, the traffic is displayed as percentage of the total communication line capacity. In this example, the size of the connection lines depends on the value of the associated numerical value - line load. You see at a glance the line load.

Each item may represent a whole region, where you can drill down for more finer information. An example of this kind of layered network documentation and navigation is displayed here.

Alternate view - the most available communication lines

You can also see the most available (less loaded) lines, a symmetrical view of the previous one.

Network visualiozation - most available lines

Global view - Input / output in the system.

This views shows only the input and output traffic related to a system. The line width is directly proportional to line usage.

You can also request a view of lines availability, where the line width is proportional to the line availability.

Input and output traffic in a system - line load