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Amarco ERP

These are quite old documents, that I wrote for some high school courses. Maybe you find them useful. If yes, a greetings email  from you would be appreciated!

ERP introduction in an enterprise - Practical aspects. General view

A practical case of the analysis of the introduction of an ERP in an enterprise.

A SWOT analysis positions the general requirements. The main arguments to introduce the ERP are underlined.

This is a Powerpoint document (67p).

ERP introduction in an enterprise - External architecture

This document (Powerpoint 50p) implements the Amarco analysis method to distinguish the services exchanges by the enterprise and its environment.

This service oriented analysis clarifies the relation between the enterprise and the outside entities. Also the specific information related requirements are isolated.

ERP introduction in an enterprise - Internal architecture

This documents (Powerpoint - 20p) continues the analysis performed in "Erp Introduction...External architecture". It presents the analysis of the internal organisation of the enterprise seen with the ERP Implications.

Also now we can map processes on this structure. It is interesting to compare the former process with the new one, when the ERP becomes the central information switching point.