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Introduction of an ERP (SAP...) system in a corporate subsidiary

We worked with the subsidiary of a big industrial company to improve the analysis and the presentation of the impact on an ERP introduction. Amarco helps compare the processes (we call them scenarios), before and after the introduction of the ERP system.

You find more information about this case study in our "Documents" section. 

The external architecture of the subsidiary presents its limits and consequently, the outside systems and organizations. This picture shows clearly what are the connections to our system. It also indicates the services that each entity requires from or renders to our system. Subsidiary - External architecture

The same external architecture is presented now with more details. The service points show all exchanges that take place between the subsidiary and other organizational entities (the corporate headquarters, the regional division, the clients, the suppliers, other organizations in the group, external entities like the Administration, the Banking institutions, etc. Subsidiary - External architecture (detailed)

The internal architecture presents the organizational entities that structure the subsidiary, as well as the ERP system. You can analyze the relations that are established between these entities and the integrated system. The internal architecture shows the services that organizations require from the ERP system Subsidiary - Internal architecture

An execution scenario presents the behavior of the subsidiary to process a client request. You can see the high number of direct interactions between the internal organizations. Execution scenario without SAP

The same execution scenario is presented now by taking into account the ERP system. We can show the central role played by this system and the obvious reduction of the direct exchanges between internal organizations. Execution scenario with SAP

A phase of the process

This picture shows an execution phase that we find useful to emphasize - a simultaneous exchange of the integrated system with two external organizations.

A phase of the execution scenario


This analysis positions the ERP integrated system in the enterprise and helps analyze its interactions with existing organizational systems: new services offered to access the ERP system, the process changes. Amarco prepares the introduction of the ERP system. You may notice that these analysis is at the beginning not dependent upon the ERP system that is chosen. The enterprise may use this vision to master and supervise the introduction of the integrated system. Amarco helps define the requirements and how to use the system once it is implemented.

You find more information about this case study in our "Documents" section.