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ERP presentations

These are quite old documents, that I wrote for some high school courses. Maybe you find them useful. If yes, a greetings email  from you would be appreciated!

ERP - Introduction

PowerPoint (36p) presentation - Overview of the introduction of an ERP
This is a support for a High School presentation.

ERP - Finance module (FI - SAP) 

PowerPoint (36p) presentation of the constraints linked to the Finance module. We present the "before" and "after" situations, like the costing area.
This is a support for a High School presentation.

ERP - Material management module (MM - SAP)  

The material management (MM) is presented by first exploring the "previous" situation, then the improvements made possible by the integrated system in procurement and material. The master data is described to understand the general information organisation.

This is a Powerpoint presentation (34 pages) of a High School course.

ERP - Production Planning Module (PP - SAP) 

A Powerpoint (37 p) presentation of the Production Planning module. First the situation "before" is presented, with the "classical" failures. The advantages brought by the integrated data are then underlined. The Sales Operation Plan (SOP) is presented, as well as the Demand management.

 ERP - Sales and distribution module (SD - SAP) 

This is a Powerpoint (34 p) presentation of the SD module (SAP). First we present the "before" situation, with the common problems. The advantages of using the SD module are then introduced. We explore the main processes supported by the SD module.