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Solutions with Amarco

You find here the kind of answers that Amarco might bring to you, depending on your various needs related to IT systems architecture. 

What you need


Manage tenths / hundreds of IT applications:

  • have a framework to classify systems and exchanges (interfaces)

  • Find easily the information related to an element belonging to this pool


Our solution:

  • Inventory applications and interfaces in a database

  • Groups application in logical assemblies, business related

  • Define classification criteria to search and find IT applications and interfaces in the database

Display graphically the IT architecture:

  • Stay intelligible and manage at the same time the IT systems complexity

  • Get detailed information about each element, upon request


Our solution:

  • You leverage the application and interfaces inventory to generate automatically diagrams (with Microsoft Visio) and Web pages of high graphic quality

  • You can organize and display hierarchically the applications

  • You can navigate inside the architecture (drill-up, drill-down) and access also detailed information

Keep updated the published information

  • You need a way to keep updated the published information (without dedicated infinite time to it,  or giving up the update because of that...)


Our solution:

The automatic drawing features generate new diagrams by taking into account your last individual updates.

The web export functions publish automatically the new diagrams and the new related information

Display your architecture vision

  • Use a solution that leverages your architecture view with automatic tools


Our solution:

As architect, you define the global presentation framework. Amarco has automatic features to adjust to your views and give them  a highly professional look.

Communicate with other teams

  • Teach to other people in your team, to other teams the architecture of your systems

  Notre solution :

A professional presentation of your architecture with Amarco enables efficient dialogue with other teams.

Manage the IT systems evolution

  • Know the constraints in case of architecture change, when replacing an application with another one, when interfaces change

  • Know the reciprocal dependencies  of the applications


Our solution:

The identification of systems and interfaces, as well as their position in the system architecture, makes clear the reciprocal dependencies of these applications.

This eases the search for compatibles solutions in case of architecture change

Document the existing IT systems architecture

  • Associate your architecture display with documents

  • Update easily these links


Our solution:

Amarco associates automatically the graphical elements that display the systems and the interfaces with your documents and keeps a coherent relationship. Any architecture update keeps these relations updated.